Manifolds Vacuum Filtration
Manifolds Vacuum Filtration

Manifolds Vacuum Filtration




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Manifolds Vacuum Filtration

Brief Introduction

Manifolds Vacuum Filtration is used primarily in microbiological and analytical procedures that involve collecting a particulate (bacteria, precipitate, etc.) from a liquid suspension. Liquid poured into a funnel passed through a filter, which retains the particulate, and filtrate can be collected into a filter flask, directly or via a vacuum manifold. Applying vacuum reduces process time compared to gravity flow. Vacuum Filtration Holders and Manifolds are particular designed and produced for several samples filtrate at the same time. Because each filter holder have individual control valve, only one set vacuum pump can sustain the single or Multi-branch manifold filter operate together.

manifolds vacuum filtraton

Our advantage:

1)High quality material: Main part of this apparatus is made of stainless steel 316L which is strong, not easy to broke and long life. We are the first company using 316L fritted membrane support screen to make sure that membrane filter won't broke during the filtering procedure and the testing result is accurate, more important is it can make the Microbes distributed evenly on the surface on the membrane, so that the result can be observed easily. Various size of funnel is available, from 100ml to 500ml.

2)High testing efficiency: Each filter holder have individual control valve, only one set vacuum pump can sustain the single or Multi-branch manifolds operate together. When testing huge amount of samples, it can save lots of time. It is easy to clean, and easy to autocalve.

3)Patent Protected:Special design of the clamp make it convenient to operate and to pick up the membranes.

4)Efficient protection: Stainless steel cover with a hole which can connect to an air filter to avoid second contamination during the filtering. Scale inside of walls of funnel make it easy to refill the samples. The vacuum gauge connecting to the holder make it easy to control the pressure

Technical Data


Two,Three,Six ,ten,more branch can be ordered

Suitable membrane

Ф47mm 0.2um or 0.45 MCE 50pcs/box

Funnel size

Ф47mm-250ml/500ml      Ф35mm-500ml



Collecting bottle


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