LD-YJ Hardness Tester Stand
LD-YJ Hardness Tester Stand

LD-YJ Hardness Tester Stand




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NANBEI LD-YJ Hardness Tester Stand


1.The testing principle of hardness tester is compact, more reasonable that makes the stability and the accuracy of the test,it has a further improved. And the use of high rigidity metal platform instead of the traditional glass platform, avoid the shortcomings of fragile glass platform, Especially in the testing of hardness test D, the users do not need to equipped with special hardness blocks, make the testing more economic and convenient .
2.LAC-J type is adapted to LX-A, LX-C hardness tester of our company's, LD -J is adapted to our LX-D type hardness tester.

The method of use:
1. Installation debugging:
(1) The test frame should be placed in a stable smooth work stage, and then adjusted wishbone height. When operating, loose the bakelite star wishbone by right hand, promoting the wishbone by left hand to make the platform of sclerometer installation stem distance from circular bottom about 110mm, and tighten bakelite star handle (the hardness tester install stem should be installed at the center of circle platform.)
(2) Unscrew the dust cap at the top of hardness tester, then revolving the hardness tester into the install stem of test stand, (tighten it but cannot too forcibly, otherwise it will damage hardness tester). If the hardness tester surface is not aim at operator after tighting, you can loosen the position adjustment knob on the top of weight, then turn hardness tester to the ideal azimuth and tighten the azimuth adjustment knob.
(3) Loosening the bakelite star wishbone on the xarm, adjust the height of xarm again left hand, when pressing foot surface of hardness tester distance from the round test frame about 10mm, tighten handle of pressure testing, make presser foot and circular mesa completely contact, slowly turn round two fine-tune hand wheel until the durometer showed 100 degrees (± 1 ° c). This test stand and hardness tester installation ends.
2. Sample requirements:
Sample must level off and the thickness is no less than 6mm, enough area, the distance between the pressure needle and sample specimens contact position with the sample edge is not less than 12mm.
3. Method of hardness test of Rubber and Plastic sample
Put the sample on circular platform, loosen the Star handle in xarm, adjust the height of xarm, until the distance between the durometers pressure foot surface and the tested samples surface is about 5mm. Tighten the Star handle on the xarm. Under pressure to handle and make the pression foot of hardness test in the action of constant weight gravity complete contact with sample, and reading 1 seconds, and the numerical display of hardness tester is the numerical value of the hardness testing samples.    In order to improve the accuracy of measuring, and testing different positions apart at least 6mm five times, take the average measurement.
Four, maintenance:
Often filling lube in various activities of test frame, you should wipe it after testing to prevent moisture, coating with a small amount of anti-rustoil.

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