32-38L/H Vertical ice cream machine
32-38L/H Vertical ice cream machine

32-38L/H Vertical ice cream machine




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BX global luxury is not luxury

Patent   design of an integrated discharge head advantages:
1, high insulation performance, more energy conservation and environmental   protection
2, put an end to the traditional ice cream machine top cover plate and the   control panel, the seams of the discharge head, easier to clean, put an end   to food residue
3, roof and control panel is a integrated, embedded discharge head, a   convenient design beyond imagination

●with rainbow system
●When the new design LED LCD electronic control system
●All stainless steel big arc panel, top and bottom panels evenly to all wire   drawing of stainless steel plate, stainless steel big circular arc Angle a   integrated, discharge head flat adopts full stainless steel wire drawing   process
●Unique one-piece receiving water box, unique design of the embedded water   box, water cleaning more convenient, water box of one-piece plastic injection   molding, can bearing more than 20 kg, with circular arc transition, and   fluctuation of stainless steel seamless yan feels stronger
●optional dynamic three-dimensional advertising light boxes
●ptional full stainless steel mixer and folding type blade
●When the new design of full stainless discharging handles
●Built-in automatic cone machine, can automatically pop up 40 cone at a time
●Product characteristics and the suitable place

 Features and Applications

1full   stainless luxurious appearance.
built-in automatic egg bucket   allocator
sand mill imported stainless steel   plate
suitable Yu Liansuo western   restaurants, markets, schools, scenery browsing area entrances and   exits 
output per hour is about 200-300/70g


Cooling capacity

Hopper Volume

Compressr HP









Net weight

Product Dimension

Package Size






Loading Capacity










 The product description

●When new appearance design patent
●Stainless steel wire drawing panel, more clean, more in line with national   health requirements
●Low at first built-in cone feed structure, can send out continuously cone,   greatly improve the convenience, improving customer value directly
●Breakthrough type before discharging structure design, equipment integration   of feeling better, easier to clean, simple operation
●Set of nanbei eight national patent technology, more than 20 technical   improvement to upgrade
●Low BX series products of ice cream production is bigger, faster delivery   time, ice cream and a silky, puffing rate increased significantly higher than   that of the original model (20%), lower cost of a single ice cream.
●Low BX series of nanbei use special integrated control chip, at first the   man-machine interface of dynamic liquid crystal display, all kinds of working   condition and maintenance tips to remind, operating more humanization.
●Low 16 soft hard is adjustable.
●Low 1-15 minutes down time is adjustable.
●Low hit count displayed directly and reset function.
●The real-time monitoring and control system for low voltage and high and low   voltage protection function.
●Low configuration in alarm system (has applied for a patent for invention).
●Low maintenance and fault Chinese remind function.
●Low dynamic ice cream molding remind function.
●Low optional patent design of overhead advertising light boxes,   three-dimensional ice cream light box, let you more conspicuous in the city,   more condensed sentiment, make selling ice cream more simple, let you   multiplied faster.
●Low optional rainbow jam system.
●Low optional independent puffed slurry system.


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