Pure Water System for Biochemistry Analyzer
Pure Water System for Biochemistry Analyzer

Pure Water System for Biochemistry Analyzer




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                                     Pure Water System for Biochemistry Analyzer

Function and Feature >>>
1. Automatic water production, automatic stop when the tank is full of pure water, online display for working status.
2. Self inspection and protection while system is booting up, automatic protection when it's lack of water or power off, reposition when power off.
3. Supplying pipeline of pure water can be designed and installed according to customer's application requirement.
4. System has no heat, no noise and low power while working, adjustable parameters make the equipment is suitable for different kinds of water source.
5. Real-time online monitoring for water quality and temperature, real-time online display on LCD true color screen.
6. Original imported UF element guarantees effective elimination of pyrogen and flow rate of water obtaining.
7. UV accessories with long lifetime and the built-in six circulations guarantee effective elimination of TOC in output water.
8. Automatic or manual flushing for system can extend lifetime of accessories and reduce cost.
9. The system has upgrading function for water quality and volume.
10. Optional RS232 connection can record the historical water quality.
11. The system can realize the function of water obtaining at the fixed flow, fixed time and fixed quality.
Instruction to order >>>
1. When there are silt, rust, alga, etc. in water source, the pre-treatment element is suggested to be used.
2. In case of rigidity of source water>200PPM or other abnormal quality, the automatic water softener and double class RO treatment are suggested to be used with extra charge. For deep treatment, adding an "S" at the end of standard model code.
3. User can choose pure water tank with capacity of 10L/20L/40L/80L/120L/250L/500L/1000L/2000L, bigger pressure pure water tank according to application.
4. Some models of equipments are needed to be equipped with flow meter and pressure meter according to application of automatic biochemistry analyzer.
Technical Parameter >>>
             Model                               Y10/20/40/60/80/100/125/150-J
(Type with deep treatment function, add an "S" at the end of standard model code.)
Flow rate of water production       10 20 40 60 80 100 125 150L/Hr.
Flow rate of water obtaining         1.5-2L/min
Technical parameter of output water:
                                            resistivity:5-15MΩ.cm@25℃   heavy metal(Mg/L): <0.01
                                            particles: (<0.22um/ml)<0.1   bacteria: <1/ml
Power:                                            220V/50Hz   50-500W
External Dimension:              Desktop type: 400x310x500mm 
                                         Standing type: 500x560x1000mm  / 500x750x1100mm
Remark:  Flow rate of water production can be designed specially according to customer's application requirement.

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