DP-02 Laser Particle Size Analyzer
DP-02 Laser Particle Size Analyzer

DP-02 Laser Particle Size Analyzer




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DP-02 Laser Particle Size Analyzer


DP-02 is specially designed to measure fog drops, and its structure can be changed according to site requirements

Applications: Measure fog drops.

Principle: Uses the principle of laser light scattering to determine particle size distribution.

Report Items: Particle size distribution table, particle size distribution curve, average diameter, median diameter, SSA, etc.


1. Measuring Range: 1-1500μm

2. Repeatability: < 3%

3. Measurement Duration: 1-2 minutes

4. Number of Detectors: 32

5. Light source: He-Ne,2mW,0.6328μm

6. Environmental Requirement:temperature: 5-35℃   humidity: <85%


1. Specially designed for the measurement of spray, the structure of the instrument can be changed according to requirements.

2. Multiple Fourier lens with different focus distances are available for change to get different measuring ranges.


The Application of Patents and Proprietary Technology
mie scattering laser particle size analyzerIntegrated laser emitter
The beam expander and the pinhole filter are integrated in several concentric tubes, and then jointed into one tube with both ends enclosed. It is shock proof, easy to maintain and with stable laser output.


Software Functions: 

1. Two distribution models:Rosin-Ramler, multi wave crest

2. Two report models:General purpose, statistics

3. Two accumulative directions:small to large, large to small

4. Reports in two languages:Chinese, English

5. Data input function 

6. Reports can be exported as Excel format or other text format files

7. Multiple reports can be opened at same time, easy to compare among reports

8. Report items can be set/selected according to customers’ requirements

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