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ABQ Button Tester


The button tester is configurable for NK, HF Push Pull Gauge and special jig. Dedicated to measure the buttons' clip force 

or the collapsing force of detachment from clothing. Detecting the fixed strength of buttons is very important standard. 

Especially in infants and children's clothing design and manufacturing is the most important. It needs strength instruments to note the measurement of the force in the fixed decorative button.

ABQ钮扣拉力测试仪 800800 白底.jpg


The purpose of ABQ buttons testers is to define the responsibility of the garment manufacturers to ensure the button and push button and the fixed article can be properly fixed in the garment, preventing the buttons, etc, separate from clothing so that make the chance of dangerous that the baby swallow. Therefore, all garment button, and fixed decorative button 

(The whole can be put into small objects measurement) are required detection by the button tester.

ABQ-A_02 扣出ABQ-B 白底 800800.jpg  

Meaning and function

1. The test method of this instrument is used to measure buttons and clothing for vertical tension tests,and button and push button don’t need to pull from clothing.

2. This method requires button sewing specification should be in accordance with the standard of button maker.

3. This test method is used to establish the relevance in different environment,as well as all kinds of different buttons and brand to make comparison.

4.This standard may contain hazardous materials, equipment. But we do not list all possible security problems in the using within standard. Therefore, the standard user’s responsibility is to create rules relevant safety and health, and determine the appropriate rules before using.

5. All the buttons are needed sewed tightly by chains stitching on fabric.

6. According the requirements of test, when the maximum button size is larger than or less/equals 6mm,buttons should inherit a tension of 90N or 50N respectively.

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Technical data

Max load:300N




button tester

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