5L Rotary Evaporator
5L Rotary Evaporator

5L Rotary Evaporator




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Small 5L rotary evaporator

NANBEI rotary evaporator series products are mainly used in the testing, R & D and production of pharmaceutical, chemical, biological products and other industries. This product uses the principles of constant temperature heating and thin film evaporation to perform evaporation, concentration, crystallization, drying, separation, solvent recovery and other operations under vacuum negative pressure conditions. Borosilicate glass and polytetrafluoroethylene materials are particularly suitable for the concentration and purification of biological products that are easily decomposed and denatured, and are not easy to produce chemical reactions with various materials.


Functions and features:

1. The main frame adopts anti-corrosion spray plastic + aluminum alloy, the structure is reasonable, and the materials are particular.

2. The pot is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable.

3. The sealing system adopts a combination of polytetrafluoroethylene and imported fluorine rubber, which can maintain high vacuum.

4. All glass parts are made of high borosilicate glass (GG-17), which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

5. Adjustable head angle (make sure the condenser is vertical).

6. The low-speed power-increasing motor is used, and the main machine will rise and fall automatically.

7. Seesaw power switch control.

8. Digital temperature display, intelligent constant temperature control, Cu50 type sensor transfers temperature quickly and accurately.

9. Electronic stepless speed regulation (0-120rpm), rotary setting, convenient operation.

10. Fuse safety protection.

11.Vertical double-layer serpentine coil condenser to ensure high recovery rate.

12. Continuous feeding is convenient for customers. The valve-type feeding pipe is sleeved with PTFE pipe and water retaining ring.

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Technical Parameters:

Power supply voltage

 220V / 50HZ (customizable 220V / 60HZ, 110V   / 60HZ)

Motor power


Lifting power

 15W 1/15

Heating power


Rotation speed

 0-120rpm / min

Temperature control range

 room temperature -99 ℃ (optional oil bath,   recommended below 180 degrees)

Temperature control accuracy

 ±   1 ℃

Vacuum degree


Evaporation capacity

 20ml / min (bath temperature 70 ℃, raw   ethanol)

Host lifting stroke

 0-160 (mm)

Temperature range of glass

 -80-250 ℃

Rotary bottle capacity

 1000ml Φ 131mm / 24 # standard mouth

Collection bottle capacity

 500ml Φ 105mm / 24 # standard mouth

Condenser size

 Φ   85 × 460H (mm) (optional cold trap condenser)

Vacuum suction port size

 29   #

Feeding valve

 19   # standard port

Pot size and capacity

 Φ   220 × 120H (mm) about 4.5L (optional transparent cover)

Pot shell size

 250L × 370W × 160H (mm)


 650L × 380W × 1030H (mm) (after the host is   raised)

Packing size

 590L × 470 × 465H (mm) carton 0.13m 3

Package weight


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