YDS-50B Transport-type Liquid Nitrogen Container
YDS-50B Transport-type Liquid Nitrogen Container

YDS-50B Transport-type Liquid Nitrogen Container



Application:Suitable for long distance biological samples refrigerated transport

product details

Liquid nitrogen tank divided into the following types, please choose the right model

1.  Storage-type Liquid Nitrogen Biological Containers

2.  Large-diameter liquid nitrogen biological containers

3.  Transport-type liquid nitrogen biological caontainer

4.  50 Liters liquid nitrogen biological containers

Transport-type Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container

The family of products is the need for manual transfer or transport of biological samples in liquid nitrogen, especially in mountainous areas, grasslands and the design of the user. With a compact and lightweight, easy to carry. Static evaporation of liquid nitrogen on low, the use of economic advantages.

1. The use of high-strength aluminum alloy air standards(GBn168-82) manufacturing, therefore light weight products.

2. The products are tailor-made earthquake structure, sturdy and durable, not easily damaged.

3. Cylinders can be numbered to facilitate identification of the storage of samples.

4. With a set of products to protect and prevent the use of products in the bump, bruises.

5. Product key parts neck tube, thermal conductivity at low temperature low, high mechanical strength, color, beautiful, easy to identify.

6. Products from the high vacuum multi-layer insulation designed to provide a vacuum of not less than five years of quality assurance.

Technical parameters:





Neck diameter


External diameter






Protect casing


Liquid nitrogen stock time


Liquid nitrogen leakage


liquid nitrogen cryogenic container

Liquid nitrogen biological containers Accessories


Made by stainless steel,designed for access to sample much more easier and safe.It can be numbered and easy to identify,has cylinder type,

square type.The multi-layer square canister designed for biological instifutes, the design of the hospital store.

60l liquid nitrogen tanks

2.Locked cover:

1.made by high-strong alluminum alloy.

2.Have advantages of anti-corrosion,low temperature resistance,provent from frost crack and frozen collapse.

3.Combined with up and down flip cover,lock is optional for customer, which is good for biological specimen inside safety storage and manage.

liquid nitrogen container yds 2 litter

3.Liquid level alarm:

Automatically monitoring biological samples temperature, when the temperature over the range of temperature controlled,sound and light alarm,

ensure the safety of stocked samples. Adjustable temperature control range of products 0-196℃, Resolution 1℃.

pressure liquid nitrogen tank

4.Stainless steel storage with milk barrels:

This series product adopt stainless steel production, suitable for storage of liquid milk and transportation, short-term operation relatively large caliber.

With nice appearance, the intensity is high, easy to clean thoroughly and reliable sealing advantages.

1.Full stainless steel products, high strength and durability

2.Milk barrels outside surface uses the polishing treatment, concise and easy.

3.The pail inside surface grind arenaceous technology adopted, easy to clean thoroughly.

4.Barrel used for sealing, foodstuff rubber ring with health and safety requirements.

20l liquid nitrogen container

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