HNY-302 Water bath shaker
HNY-302 Water bath shaker

HNY-302 Water bath shaker




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HNY-301 Water bath shaker


 The latest series water bath shaker combines unmatched reliability and durability. It delivers superior temperature control and uniformity with a smooth shaking motion. Bath temperature is controlled to an accuracy of ±0.1°C by a P.I.D microprocessor controller for optimum reproducible bath conditions. Dual thermostats provide optimum protection foryour work and water bath. The steeply gabled lid and inward-sloped tank rim allow condensate to drain neatly back into the bath, preventing condensate from dripping onto the samples.


It is widely used in germ culture, ferment, hybridization, and research of biochemical reaction, enzyme and cellular tissue and all those require high temperature and oscillation frequency. It has a wide and important range of application in research of medicine, biology, numerator, pharmacy and environmental protection.


1.Solid electric drive mechanism provides uniform and quiet agitation and enables continuous 24 hour operation.

2.Water bath temperature is monitored and controlled over the entire range with an accuracy of ±0.1ºC with P.I.D temperature controller.

3.Easy-to-read LCD digital display provides a user-friendly interface which helps minimize errors in establishing running conditions.

4.Non-volatile memory retains preset parameters during a power failure and restarts unit automatically after the power is restored.

5.Heat loss and evaporation is minimized withthe use of finely electro-polished stainless steel gabled lid cover

6.High quality #304 stainless steel forexcellent durability of interiors and its parts.


Control modeP.I.D microcomputer processing chip
Oscillation modeconvolutionConvolution/ReciprocateReciprocate
DisplayLED digital display
Cyclotron frequency range30-300rpm/min
Cyclotron accuracy±1
Shake plate shimmy range(mm)Ø26


Max configuration100ml*24/250ml*15/500ml*11/1000ml*6
Standard configuration250ml*15
Pallet size(mm)395*310
Timing(h)0-999(heating time) 0-120(running time)
Temp. range(℃)Ambient temp.-100℃
Temp. accuracy(℃)±0.1
Temp. fluctuation(℃)≤0.2
Plate number1
VoltageAC220±10% 50-60HZ

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