WD-9417B Microplate Reader
WD-9417B Microplate Reader

WD-9417B Microplate Reader




product details


This product adopted a new technical structure and microcomputer controlled, which has the functions of measuring, analyzing, illustrating, printing ect.. It is more intelligentized and easy to operate.


■  Light source: tungsten halide lamp 12V, 10W;

■  Range of wavelength: 400 ~ 700nm;

■  Standard configuration: 450nm, 490nm, 630nm ( three kinds of interfere optional filter);

■  Semiwave width: 7+2nm ( Note: other wavelength is optional accessories);

■   Range of measurement: 0~ 3.000Abs;

■   Range of linearity: 0 ~ 2.0000 Abs + 1.0%; 

■   Distinguishability: 0.0001 Abs;

■   Stability: ≤ + 0.0020A;

■  Repeatability: CV ≤ 0.5%;

■ Dimension (L X W X H): 450 X 430 X 200 (mm);

■  Weight: about 4.5 kg

Features and function:

*  Estimation formula could be input according to the requirement of the end user;

* P/N measuring, N/P measuring, (N-P)/P measuring, AIDS measuring ect.;

* Statistical survey,consistency survey ;

*  It can count 99 measuring data at most;

* Four lines Chinese menu can show in the LCD;

* 96 pores of micropore plate;

* It has the characteristic of memory and show the setting parameters automatically;

* Users can set the updated parameters of the OD value according to their requirement;

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