10ml-500l Parallel reactor
10ml-500l Parallel reactor

10ml-500l Parallel reactor




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10ml-500l Parallel reactor



Parallel reactor can be used to do parallel experiments at the same time, the design is quite compact.It is made up of several reactors,each of which has components of heating and stirring,so the speed of research and development could be improved by control each reactor independently.This high pressure reactor is equipped with one explosion protection device,one pressure gauge,one inlet valve,one sampling valve one vent valve and one DC micro motor of high power.

It is widely applied in many kinds of fields,such as catalytic reaction,high temperature and high pressure synthesis reaction,hydrogenation reaction,two-phase of gas and liquid, liquid two-phase, exothermic reaction, composition test, stability test, corrosion test, fine chemical, supercritical reaction,catalyst evaluation and development application,it is mainly distributed in the petroleum chemical industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer synthesis, metallurgy, etc.



1 Stirring method: internal magnetic stir.There is no leaking or maintenance problems,just also no leak rotating parts.The test is more security.  

2 Stirring motor: the original import high power motors,which is powerful, high speed and stability.  

3 Inlet valves: gas inlet needle type valve, brand-name products, quality is reliable.  

4 Sampling valves is used to take samples at any time in experient.  

5 Exhaust valve: In the reaction system,it is used to vacuum process and displacement gas, after the reaction this valve is used as a emptying valve.  

6 Pressure gauge: monitor the reaction pressure in real-time. 

7 Temperature probe can display temperature in real-time. 

8 Heating unit: module heating, which makes it is easy to heating fast and control accurately.   

9 Small size, the whole structure is simple, reliable, economical, durable and complete accessories. 

10 Standard accessory concludes the original import micro DC motor, pressure gauge, explosion-proof device, inlet valve, sampling valves, temperature probe, therefore it is convenient to do trace reaction experiment.

11 Axe body and heater can be completely separated,so the disassemble of micro reactor is easy and the working efficiency is improved



ModelTwofold-gang reactorQuadruple reactorSix parallel reactorEight parallel reactor
Stirring speed0-800rpm0-1200rpm
Stirring wayMagnetic stirring motorMagnetic stirring
Max working temp.250℃
Heating waysHeating module
Working pressure10Mpa
Material structure316L stainless steeel


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