Handheld color digital ultrasonic flaw detector
Handheld color digital ultrasonic flaw detector

Handheld color digital ultrasonic flaw detector




product details

Handheld color digital ultrasonic flaw detector CTS-3600

Product features:

1, Maximum sampling rate of up to 200MHz
2, High contrast electroluminescent display, electronic scale reading error free measurement
3, Large capacity memory can store large amounts of data and the echo pattern
4, Six French-site production DAC curve, and move freely up and down
5, Two way alarm gates, can automatically calculate and display digital sound echo in gate drive vertical distance, horizontal distance and peak gated echo, the echo spacing and material velocity, etc.
6, With RS-232C, video, I / O, DC and other functions interface with computers, printers, video recorders, digital calipers and other external devices connected communication
7, Small, lightweight, sealed waterproof design, AC-DC power supply.

USN-15 digital ultrasonic flaw detector

Product introduction:

With fast, high contrast electroluminescent display also shows the A-scan, being able to use the work group menu, four readings (one of which may magnify) and status display. Pulse repetition frequency up to 12MHz. There are three monitoring gates, wherein the liquid immersion method, a test monitoring interface echo as the door. (USD15B/USD15SQ to 4), and the detection range of up to 9999mm. Existing: USD15B; USD15X; USD15SX; USD15-19 "and USD15/2-19"; USD15SQ series models.

USN-60 digital ultrasonic flaw detector

Breakthrough advantages of digital technology, high-resolution display close simulation equipment, color display, eight kinds of A-scan color selection, RF display, three independent gates, DAC / TCG curve and MAC functions to achieve aviation Rolls-Royce indicators 65 kinds of material velocity selection, applicability: thin workpiece thickness measurement, testing of large forgings, nuclear part inspection, testing immersion scanning.

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