NBE-T150A/NBE-T150B Shaking Incubator
NBE-T150A/NBE-T150B Shaking Incubator

NBE-T150A/NBE-T150B Shaking Incubator




product details

 1、  Mechanical structure:


① NANBEI  three-axis off-center actuating structure has undergone strict mathematic analysis,and is a high-performance product proven by long-term stability operation which adopts axletrees with best abrasion resistance and maintenance-free,long service time,brushless actuating system with unidirectional flow,its base frame adopts vermicular casting technique which has the best stability.Advanced numerically controlled processing technique ensures high reliability and stability for the mechanical structure itself.Scientific off-center weight balancing data ensures long service time for the three-axis off-center actuating machine itself.

②NANBEI three-axis off-center actuating structure ensures stable start-up and half of the samples.No sudden dithering during operation which prevent cells sensitive to shearing force from dying or being harmed.

③The error for mechanical processing of the machine is less than 0.005mm,and the general rigging error is less than 0.02mm of deviation,which ensures long service time,stability and non-vibration for the machine.

2、Operating system:

① Advanced fuzzy logic PID controlling system provides precise rotation speed,temperature control for product,and operating time.

② Membrane touching keys are adopted in an operating system which also has large-scale liquid crystal display,RS232 interface reserved,optional commuincation software.

③ Standard mode and program mode for operating system,the former one can be configured through menu with fixed temperature,rotation speed and time.Temperature,rotation speed and time can be configured as required by the users under program mode,which also has timed shutdown function.

④Top and bottom temperature configuring limit alarm for temperature control system with independent mechanical overtemperature protection device.

3、 Air duct structure:

①An unique air duct structure with top duct  for intake and bottom duct  for return,high-quality axial flow fan ,condenser and evaporator that transfer heat rapidly,together they ensure homogeneity and precision of  temperature.

4、 Cooling system:

①Use environmental R134a cryogen,designed to contain overvoltage crowbar circuit and voltage relief circuit and has automatic defrosting fuction.

Product parameters


Shaking incubator

Moder type




Control manner

Fuzzy PID intelligent controller (LED)

Vibrating manner



Rotation speed(precision)


25 ~ 400RPM±1RPM

Maximum load

1000ml ×9 maximum

Temperature precision

±0.1                                  (0~999h)

Temperature controlling range


Temperature homogeneity



Size of shaking plate(mm)

460mm ×460mm


Width×length×height 520×550×450mm

Size of contour(mm)

  Width×length×height  620×840×630mm


Power capacity

220V  50/60Hz  800VA

220V  50/60Hz  800VA

■Performance parameters under idle conditions:ambient temperature 20℃,ambient humidity 50%RH.

■Any alteration on the appearance and parameters of product  will not otherwise be notified,please accept our apologies for deviation on the appearance of  the product  may  be incurred  by  photography and printing.


shaking incubator


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