HLJ-2100 LEEB Hardness Testers
HLJ-2100 LEEB Hardness Testers

HLJ-2100 LEEB Hardness Testers




product details

Product Details:


Impact device: Intergrated D type impact device

Accuracy: Mean uncertainly 1% ( HRC=58 )

Power supply: 2 x 1.5V Dry battery

Working temperature: 0-45 °C

Dimensions: 170 x 68 x 30mm

Weight: 250g


Main features 

HL, HRC, HRB, HV, HS, HB values can be measured

RS232 interface: connect with PC

Automatically storing 510 groups of data with mean value and testing time display

Automatically correct the deviated test data

Measuring in all directions, easy operation

Large LCD display with backlight

Date and Time display

Automatic power off after 5 minutes without operation

Other types of impact devices including G, DC, D+15, C, E & DL can be connected outside.   


Material & Measuring range

hardness tester

   leeb hardness tester     shore durometer

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