YT-X300 Microbial Limit Test Device
YT-X300 Microbial Limit Test Device

YT-X300 Microbial Limit Test Device




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YT-X300 Microbial Limit Test Device


Pharmaceutical industry: The YT microbial detection filtration system tests the microbiological limits of pharmaceutical water, liquid raw materials and non-regulated pharmaceutical preparations in the pharmaceutical industry.
Food and Beverage Industry: The YT Microbial Detection Filtration System can be used for microbiological testing of bottled water, beer, spirits, juices and other soft drinks as well as liquid materials used in the production process.


The whole machine is designed in stainless steel, and the surface is mirror-finished for easy cleaning and disinfection;
Quick plug-in connection, easy component removal, no need to use tools, easy to clean and sterilize, effectively prevent biofilm production;
A vacuum pump can be connected to both sides of the bracket;
The triple filter head can simultaneously filter and improve work efficiency;
The filter head can be quickly sterilized by flame to facilitate continuous experimental operation;
The filter head can be quickly disassembled and can be sterilized separately by damp heat.


Applicable filter diameter: Standard 47mm optional 60mm
Number of filter heads: 3
Scope of application: microbial count
Detection method: membrane filtration method
Filtering method: diaphragm pump suction filtration
Filter head sterilization method: wet heat sterilization rapid sterilization
Size: 41*20*14cm  (length * width * height)
Weight: 7.4kg
Working voltage: AC220V/50HZ
Power: 15W


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