CN-201 COD-Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer
CN-201 COD-Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer

CN-201 COD-Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer




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CN-201 COD-Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer


CN-201 Type COD-Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer can directly measure COD and Ammonia Nitrogen values in samples. The determination method of COD is sealed catalytic digestion and color comparison; The determination method of Ammonia Nitrogen is Mrs. Pay Reagent. This analyzer uses cold light source and narrow bandwidth wavelength and directly displays the COD and Ammonia Nitrogen values. It is widely used in environmental monitoring department, wastewater treatment, universities and research institutes, etc.

Technical parameter:

COD Parameter:

1. Measure Range: 5~2000mg/L(can be diluted if exceeds 2000mg/L)

2. Accuracy:
5~100mg/L, Absolute Error ≤ ±5mg/L;

100~2000mg/L, Relative Error ≤ ±5%

3. Repeatability:   ≦±3%

4. Anti-Chlorine Interference: ≤1200mg/L

5. Wavelength:  610nm

6. Digestion Temperature: 165℃±1.5℃

7. Digestion Time:  10 minutes

8. Optical Stability: Absorptance drift ≤0.002A /20min

9. Sample quantity: 20/16

10. Max Power Consumption: 400W

11. Dimensions:

Main Unit: 210mm×280mm×190mm

Digester: 200mm×240mm×190mm

Ammonia Nitrogen Parameter:

1. Measure Range: 0.02~10mg/L(can be diluted if exceeds 10mg/L)

2. Basic Errors:   ≦±3%(F.S)

3. Lowest Detectable Limit: 0.01mg/L

4. Repeatability:   ≦±3%

5. Absorptance drift ≤0.001A /10min

6. Maxium power consumption: 400W

7. Dimensions:

Main Unit: 210mm×280mm×190mm

Digester: 200mm×240mm×190mm


1. Cold and Monochromatic light source, excellent optical stability and cannot be interfered by all kinds of light.

2. PID automatic temperature control and high precision.

3. Two-line LCD, easy to operate.

4. Digester and colorimeter (including main unit) are separated, avoid temperature interfere with the optical part.
5. High efficiency, 20/16 water samples can be digested each time and only needs 20 minutes.

6. 8/10 working curves in memory (may set by user), and store 255/199 COD records and 100/199 Ammonia Nitrogen records with time label.

7. Historical data and curve can permanently keep in the analyzer, data protection when power failure.

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