QCOD-2H Portable COD Fast Analyzer
QCOD-2H Portable COD Fast Analyzer

QCOD-2H Portable COD Fast Analyzer




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QCOD-2H Portable COD Fast Analyzer


QCOD-2E Chemical Oxygen Demand Analyzer is designed by the principle of catalytic and sealed digestion. Sample is sealed digested by special oxidant and composite catalyst for 10min at 165℃, Potassium dichromate is reduced to trivalent chromium by organic matters in water. The amount of trivalent chromium is measured at 610nm, and then converts it to the consumption of Oxygen concentration. The instrument adopts advanced cold light source, narrow-band wavelength interference and microcomputer automatic data processing, and directly shows the COD (mg/L) concentration of samples.

Technical Parameters:

1. Measuring Range: 5~2000mg/L (can be diluted if exceeds 2000mg/L)
2. Accuracy:

5~100mg/L, Absolute Error ≤ ±5mg/L;

100~2000mg/L, Relative Error ≤ ±5%

3. Repeatability: ≤ ±3%

4. Anti-Chlorine Interference: ≤1200mg/L

5. Wavelength: 610nm

6. Temperature Precision: 165℃±1.5℃

7. Digestion Time: 10min

8. Sample Quantity: 12

9. Power Consumption: 300W

10. Dimensions:

Main Unit: 168mm×228mm×75mm

Digester: 130mm×120mm×95mm

11. Weight: < 3kg


a) Cold light and Monochromatic light source, excellent optical stability.

b) PID automatic temperature control and high precision.

c) Two-line LCD, easy to operate.

d) Digester and Colorimeter (including main unit) are separated, avoid temperature interfere the optical part.

e) 12 water samples can be digested each time, and only need 20 minutes.

f) Can store 255 sets of data with time tag.

g) Data protection when Power failure.

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