CY-2 Direct-reading BOD5 Analyzer
CY-2 Direct-reading BOD5 Analyzer

CY-2 Direct-reading BOD5 Analyzer




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CY-2 Direct-reading BOD5 Analyzer



Put water sample or pretreatment water sample into a culture bottle with carbon dioxide absorbent (eg: sodium hydroxide) in the absorb cup on bottle mouth, then seal the bottle and put in the special biochemical incubator, keep the temperature at 20±1℃ and continuously incubated for 5 days, water sample will carry out bio-oxidation reactionat a certain stirring speed. Organic matter in the water sample will be converted to the oxides of Nitrogen, Carbon and Sulfur and generate carbon dioxide absorbed by sodium hydroxide. At the same time, oxygen gets the continual supply. Oxygen consumption of microorganism results in air pressure difference. The water sample BOD5 value within a specific period can be calculated through measuring the height of mercury in the glass tube.

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Technical Parameter:

1. Measuring Range: 0mg/L~1000mg/L(can be dilute if exceeds 1000mg/L)

2. Measuring Method: Differential pressure method

3. Accuracy: Meet Chinese national standard "GB7488-87"

4. Display: Direct-reading

5. Sample Quantity: 8

6. Incubator Temperature: 20℃±1℃

7. Power Consumption:

    Main unit: <15W        

    Incubator: <300W

8. Weight of Main unit: <6kg

9. Main unit Dimensions: 400mm × 270mm × 350mm


1. Operation is simple and can provide the accurate results that could be compare with chemical dilution method.

2. Intuitionistic reading.

3. Easy to use and maintain.

4. Wide range of applications.


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