2000KN Microcomputer controlled concrete compression testing machine
2000KN Microcomputer controlled concrete compression testing machine

2000KN Microcomputer controlled concrete compression testing machine




product details

YAW concrete compression testing machine is composed of the main machine, the hydraulic source, the controller, and the computer-control system. It is used in the compression test on concrete. The activity crossbeam is driven by electric power to adjust the test space. It has functions of automatic constant rate loading, digital force value display, automatic data processing, and printing of loading curve and test report. Concrete compression testing machine is an ideal equipment foe colleges, institutions, quality supervision department, and factories.

Concrete compression testing machine is equipped with protection systems including position limit, automatic shut off on overload, automatic power off on overcurrent or current leakage, emergency switch, etc. The test space is enclosed with clear tempered glass shield, which can prevent outburst of shattered concrete. The Italian imported oil pump unit generates little noise, with high oil circuit stability without impact. The Italian imported servo control valve ensures the high precision of constant stress loading. The double leading screw structure enables the electric adjustment of the test space, which contributes to the compact and reasonable layout.
Technical parameters: 
Model YAW-1000 YAW-2000 YAW-3000
Max. testing force 1000 2000 3000
Force range(kN) 40~1000 80~2000 120~3000
Test accuracy ±1%
Compression space(mm) 500
Compressing disc size (mm) φ220 φ300 φ350
Distance between columns (mm) 500 500 500
Max. piston stroke (mm) 100 100 100
Adjustment method Automatically
power 4.5KW 5.0KW
voltage 220V/ 380V ( Can configured with national standard voltage)
Host machine (L×W×H)(mm) 800×580×1650 800×580×1650 800×580×1800
Weight(kg) 2000 2300 2550
Computer configuration Lenovo
Printer configuration HP A4 colour ink-jet printer
Softer ware English version WINDOWS XP software 1 set
Fixtures Automatic self-aligning ball seat;


Concrete compression testing machine is under the automatic control of computer and operated through the computer interface. The measurement and control systems are of high integration level and stability due to its chip integration technology and professional systems of data collection and signal amplification. The Lenovo computer is adopted to finish the stetting, data collection, calculation, data procession, result display and printing, equipped with KQL-PowerTest2001 intellectualized control software. The control software shows the testing force, force peak value, time interval, and force-time curve in real time, and completes the data processing according to national standards, and then stores the test data and prints the test report in A4 breadth. The whole software is programmed specially according to the test standard of concrete, so it is convenient for the concrete testing operation.

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