Soil Temperature/Moisture and Salinity Meter
Soil Temperature/Moisture and Salinity Meter

Soil Temperature/Moisture and Salinity Meter




product details

Soil Temperature/Moisture and Salinity Meter 



1. LCD displayer, easy to operate 

2. Test soil salt and record data automatically 

3. Save 120000 groups datu 


The meter can test three kinds of parameters: Soil temperature, soil moisture and soil salinity. With the handset function and PC software function, automatically record data up to 120000 groups, real-time display, data can be uploaded to the computer and export to Excel, data curve drawing, map printing, widely used in agricultural, forestry, farms and other agricultural and forestry production, scientific research departments. 


Technical Parameters

Power: DC 6V~12V, AC 220V/50Hz; (AC /DC) 

Current: <5mA 

Weight: 300g 

Size: 160mm× 75mm× 30mm 

Environment temperature: -40° C~80° C 

Relative humidity: ≤ 100%RH 

Storage data: A maximum of 120000 groups of data 

2.1 soil salinity sensor 

The sensor can be directly buried in the soil 

Ambient temperature: 0~50° C 

Measuring range: 0-19.99ms/cm 

Measuring accuracy: ± 2% 

Resolution: 0.01ms/cm; 

2.2 soil temperature sensor 

Environmental temperature: -40° C ~ 80 ° C; 

Relative humidity: ≤ 95% RH; 

Measuring accuracy: ± 0.3° C 

Measurement range: -40° C ~ 100° C 

2.3 soil moisture sensor 

Relative Humidity: ≤ 95% RH; 

Measuring range: 0% ~ 100% 

Relative error: ≤ 3% 

Response time: ≤ 2s 

Standard cable: 1.5m (can be customized according to customer demand, the longest is 1000m)

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