Medical Pure Water System for CSSD
Medical Pure Water System for CSSD

Medical Pure Water System for CSSD




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Function and Feature:
● Full automatic control on system: automatic water production, water supplying and stop. It has function of pure water production and stand by, easy operation and use.
● Intelligent microprogramming chip is used for data processing.
● Parameters can be input and adjusted as per user's application requirements, in order to meet all requirements of automatic working. The system has abundant functions and operation.
● It has function of automatic flushing at fixed time (flushing time can be set according to different application). The system flushes RO element automatically every 2 hours, and can improve stability of water quality and reduce cost.
● Online monitoring and digital display of working status and system parameters: flow rate, quality of water source and output water. It's easy to know system working status, and convenient for monitoring and analysis of working status.
● It has function of self protection and alarm, including self inspection and protection while booting up, automatic protection when it's lack of water or power off, reposition when power off, stop and protection when abnormal pressure. The system realizes linkage, if there is problem in part the whole system will stop automatically.
● Automatic control on water level of water tank. Connection between main frame and water tank can protect pumps from idle running as well as realizing linkage.
● Monitoring and display of resistivity of two kinds of water (water source and output water). If the resistivity of output water is below limitation which set by user, the output water will be discharge and the system will alarm.
● The system has upgrading function, and can supply pure water at multiple places with different quality and stable pressure. It's high effective and easy for operating.
● Optional RS232 connection can realize the long distance control on computer.

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