Multi-Parameter Soil Moisture Tester
Multi-Parameter Soil Moisture Tester

Multi-Parameter Soil Moisture Tester




product details

Multi-parameter soil moisture recorder 


Product Description:

1. Can test multi-parameter of soil 
2. Small and portable 
3. Can connect with computer 
Model: TZS-3X / TZS-5X 
Brief description: 
This multi-parameter soil moisture recorder can test all kind of soil moisture in the long run or directly. 
Technical parameters: 
Moisture unit: % (m3/m3) 
Test range: 0-100% 
Soil moisture probe working temperature: -20° C— 100° C 
Temperature error: ± 0.5° C 
Air temperature: -20-80° C 
Air temperature accuracy: ± 0.4° C 
Air moisture: 0-100%RH 
Air moisture accuracy: ± 3% 
Dew point range: -20-80° C 
Record time interval: 5 seconds-90 hours continuously adjustable. 
Sensor communication: RS485 
Power: 5 AA batteries, 9V/2A power source adapter 
Standard configuration: Recorder main controller, soil moisture probe, soil temperature probe, air temperature probe, communication electric cable, software, suitcase 
Standard cable length: 1.5m(made according to customer needs, up to 1000m ) 
Record capacity: 120000 groups 


Model difference:


Function difference


Record 3 parameters: soil temperature, moisture and air temperature


Record 5 parameters: soil temperature and moisture, air temperature and moisture, dew point

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