Vacuum Seed Counter
Vacuum Seed Counter

Vacuum Seed Counter




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Vacuum Seed Counter

Model: ZLC-2000

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1. Used for seed counting, suction and placing in the course of seed germination.

2. Made up of main machine, suction tube and suction head.

3. with control button to control the suction power according to seed size.

4. With 5 different seed suction heads, its size and specification match with Petri dish, meet needs of different seed germination. 

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Technical parameters:

Temperature: ≤ 40 °C

Power: 1200W 220V/50Hz

Voltage: 220V/50HZ

Machine size: 300*250*400 mm

Suction plate: 5pcs

Suction size: 13*19     (100 Holes, 50 holes/pc) 11.5*11.5 (100 holes, 2pcs),  

 Φ8       (100 holes/pc)

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