Portable Plant Nutrition Tester
Portable Plant Nutrition Tester

Portable Plant Nutrition Tester




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Portable plant nutrition tester 

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1.Measuring index: chlorophyll, nitrogen,leaf temperature
2.Range: 0.0-99.9 SPAD
Plant nutrient analyzer saves three parameters (chlorophyll, nitrogen content and leaf temperature) at the same time. Plant chlorophyll, nitrogen content and leaf temperature are important nutrition and. They’re important basis for plant fertilization and irrigation. Use near infrared spectroscopy, test leaf chlorophyll, nitrogen and leaf temperature by near-infrared spectrum nondestructive testing. Can nondestructive test three plant nutrition and growth physiology information.


1.Save chlorophyll, nitrogen and leaf temperature at the same time, easy to draw plant nutrient, leaf temperature and so on information graph .Provide for plant precision irrigation and fertilization.
2. Nondestructive test plant quickly, not to effect plant growth.
3. Rapid determination: Test plant chlorophyll, nitrogen and leaf temperature at the same time.
4. Test point location information: Receive by inner GPS module, NAME-83 license agreement and Serial Port Break. The received data decode to longitude, latitude, speed, time, (clock and calendar, year, month, day, hour, minute and second) and so on, and store these information. Time can be set manually.
5. Have Automatic and Manual measurement pattern.
6. View past stored data, show three parameters at the same time.
7. The computer can transfer wired or wireless data so as to manage and analysis.
8. Easy to store data, directly show stored data. Show low power consumption.


Technical parameters:
Testing object: nitrogen, chlorophyll and leaf temperature
Nitrogen range: entire journey
Nitrogen accuracy: ±5%    
Chlorophyll range: 0.0-99.9 SPAD
Chlorophyll accuracy: ±2SPAD 
Leaf temperature range: 0-90°C
Leaf temperature accuracy: ± 0.5°C
Stored data capacity: 999 groups

S: 26*28*15

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