Multifunctional Rice Polishing Machine
Multifunctional Rice Polishing Machine

Multifunctional Rice Polishing Machine




product details

Name:Multifunctional Rice Polishing Machine


1.Pass ISO9001
2.Model: LTJM-2099
3.Time set: digital
4.Power require: 550w time: 10-200 seconds
LTJM-2099 Rice Polisher can quickly judge the quality of rice through fully automatic and once for all hulling of paddy rice and whitening of brown rice.
LTJM-2099 Rice Polisher has the advantages of simple operation, large sample quantity, good effect on milling rice white, less broken rice, short working time, strong wear-resisting machine head, beautiful appearance, easy to carry and so on. It’s the prefect instrument for judging the quality of paddy rice and examining yellow-colored rice, disease spot, abdominal white and imperfect rice.
Main technical parameters
Working voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Working time: default 50 seconds (10-90s adjustable)
Motor power: 650W
Sample weight: 150~170g
Hulling rate: ≥99% (according to the sample)

Net weight: 16kg

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