SZC-101 Auto Fat Analyzer
SZC-101 Auto Fat Analyzer

SZC-101 Auto Fat Analyzer




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SZC-101 Auto Fat Analyzer

By Soxhlet extraction with weight determination of the basic principles for the determination of food, feed fat content. Set of immersion, extraction, solvent recovery, and drying in one, automatic temperature control, there is no leakage of waste, recyclable reagents, low-cost, high degree of automation.

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1. Closed electric heating, room temperature ~ 200 ℃ any adjustment;

2. Blue LCD display, displays set and actual temperature, holding time countdown and remind;

3. Automatic collect of solvent and storage;

4. No plug design: no leaks and improve the life;

5. limit temperature protection

6. Intelligent: 6 stages can be set to the temperature and holding time, it will accord sequence running automatically;.

7. Drying function: no transfer to the oven, directly dry on instrument.


Technical parameters:

1. Measure Range: Crude fat content ≥ 0.5% ;

2. Measure quantity: 6 samples at same time;

3. Solvent reclaim rate ≥ 80%;

4. Precision: Relative difference ≤ 3%, Parallel difference ≤ 0.3%;

5. Solvent collection methods: automatically collect and store;

6. Reclaim rate: ≥ 99% (backflow Speed 120 drop/minute, Cooling water temperature ≤ 30℃);

7. Heating: Aluminum Alloy plate, electric heating;

8. Seals: PTFE seal;

9. Display: blue screen LCD; holding time countdown;

10. Other features: 6 stages of heating, drying

11. Temperature control range: Room temperature~200℃;

12. Temperature control precision: ±0.3℃;

13.  Working power: 220V±10%, 50~60HZ;

14.  Rated power: 500W;

15.  Size:560×370×685(mm);

16.  Weight:32kg;


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