SZC-C Fat Analyzer
SZC-C Fat Analyzer

SZC-C Fat Analyzer




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SZC-C Fat Analyzer

Soxhlet extraction, for the determination of the weight of principle,soak, extraction, and solvent recovery in one. Automatic temperature control, safe, well-sealed, no leakage of waste

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1. Electrical heating,at room temperature~200℃ Arbitrary regulation;
2. Automatic temperature control digital display;
3. Circuit control system for non-contact;
Technical parameters:
1. Measure Range: Crude fat content ≥ 0.5% ;
2. Measure quantity: 6 samples at same time;
3. Solvent reclaim rate ≥ 80%;
4. Precision: Relative difference≤ 3%, Parallel difference ≤ 0.3%;
5. Reclaim rate:≥ 99% (backflow Speed 120 drop/minute, Cooling water temperature≤30℃);
6. Heating: Aluminum Alloy plate, electric heating;
7. Working power: 220V±10%, 50~60HZ;
8. Rated power: 500W;
9. Temperature control range: Room temperature~200℃;
10. Temperature control precision: ±0.3℃;
11. Size:560×390×625mm;

12. Weight:25kg;


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