20/12/8/4 Hole Digestion Furnace
20/12/8/4 Hole Digestion Furnace

20/12/8/4 Hole Digestion Furnace


Model:20/12/8/4 Hole


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Introduction to Performance of “Constant Temperature Heating and Digestion Furnace”


I.   Product purposes:                         

Digestion furnace is mainly used for digestion treatment before chemical analysis of samples such as plant, seed, fodder, food, soil mineral in sectors including agriculture forestry, environmental protection, geology, petroleum, chemical industry and food, and it can also match nitrogen determination apparatus or be used as COD.

II. Product features:

1. Heating body (module) is precisely cast and processed by aluminum alloy or graphite, resisting acid and alkali and long service life.

2. Furnace hole temperature can be continuously adjustable, fast rate of temperature increase and broad range of application

3. Small temperature difference between holes, great sample digestion consistency, high thermal efficiency, beneficial to sample digestion.

4. Instrument table-board and test tube stand are welded by brushed stainless steel plate, certainly corrosion resistant.

5. Adopted new generation LCD temperature-controlled instrument has functions of timed shutdown and alarming. PID intelligent control technology is high temperature control precision, small temperature rise range and easy to learn, and can achieve temperature programming.

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III. Product parameter index:

1.  Heating hole number: 20/12/8/4

2.  Design temperature: RT--500℃ (aluminium alloy); RT--650℃ (graphite)

3.    Temperature control mode: large screen LCD, intelligent PID control

4.  Precision: ±1℃

5.  Heating rate: ≈20℃/min

6.  Voltage: AC220V/power: 4KW/3.6KW/2KW/1.4KW/1KW

7.  Heating element: chromel-filament aluminium alloy heating plate

8.  Timing time: 1min—99h;     

9. Temperature programming: 30-step program

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