Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer
Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer

Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer




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NB9870 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer 

The working principle of NB9870 auto Kjeldahl analyzer is based on the classical methods, it's namely the "color method" developed auto Kjeldahl analysis system. It is consistent with national and international standards and methods of Kjeldahl nitrogen. It's a high-performance instrument due to the concept of its design and application of new technologies, therefore, its comprehensive technical performance and very competitive price even much better than the similar products which the oversea competitors standing behind; thus, it becomes a very reasonable and logical choice to the Chinese local users as an outstanding import substitution. 


Advantages & Characteristics: 

1. Addition of reagents, distillation, titration, analysis and calculation, record (data) storage, waste discharge, all the above-mentioned program can be accomplished by simply click on ONE BUTTON. 

2.Display. 10-inch color touch screen, bilingal operating system,, interactive mode of operation. 

3. Titration curve display. Real-time observation, analysis to the titration process to see whether it's successful or fail and figure out the reason through curve. It's also able to analyze and determine whether the choice of titration is correct through the curve. 

4. High-integrated modular structure. Patented technology of "modular construction" is composed of steam section, titration section, control section, and crate section; therefore, the structure ensures reliable operation and easy maintenance. 

5. Titration cup exposed structure. It's convenient for users to observe and take out cup for cleaning. 

6. The whole system. The system adopts the CPC company (US) fast for fluid pipe, to ensure that the system not leakage and prolong the life of equipment. The unique color label and color ring system which is able to help user avoid twisting and wrong operation. 

7. Patented technology. Siemens PLC Board technology applied enabling to protect the running reliability and stability completely. 

8. Different pipes perform its own function. Steam, waste water adopts fluoride pipeline; the liquid portion selects the modified silica gel pipeline (which is made in USA) changing tube aging caused by the leakage, leakage of steam corrosion problems.

9. Pre-warming function. The instrument itself is able to pre-heat automatically, and keep the certain temperature as preset, prior to use; therefore, it may save time and energy for user. 

10. Fertilizer (nitro) analysis mode. Addition of fertilizer analysis capability achieves multi-purpose instrument which may save considerable cost for user. 

11. Multi-alkali adding technology. In the operation process, multi-alkali adding technology solves the problem of halfway quit in the analysis process which is due to shortage of alkali adding. 

12. Patented technology. Vapor, liquid separator to reduce the area of the internal structure of the system of residual less, more conducive to ensuring the reliability of the analysis results.


Safety Protection System: 

1. Electric leakage protection. It can prevent the damage caused by the system leakage of user to the greatest extent to protect the user's personal body safety. 

2. Overtemperature protection system. It's composed of temperature sensor, CPU, overtemperature and overpressure protection system which is able to effectively prevent overtemperature and / or overpressure phenomena due to system failure to ensure a worry-free working condition for user. 

3. Steam pot. Selection of platinum carbon fiber plastic die-cast, long-term temperature 300℃ without distortion. It is currently the first product which adopts such materials in mainland China. 

4. Distillation System water shortage alarm function. When the water level is too low or dry, the distillation pot may stop working and alarm systems, which is able to prevent the harm caused by water shortage or dryness effectively. 

Ø Absence of protection of the digestive tube. When the digestive tube is not put in place, the system does not run, without alkali, distillation, wounding prevent wounding by reagent and / or contamination.




Analysis of the range: 0.1-240 mgN 

Repeatability (RSD): ≤0.5% 

Titration accuracy: 0.75ul/step 

Recovery rate: ≥99.5% 

Sample analysis time: 4 -6 min 

Cooling water consumption: 1.2L—3L/min 

Sample analysis Soild: ≤6g; Liquid≤20ml 

Operating mode: Automatic analysis 

Titrant concentration calibration method: Manual input/automatic calibration 

Communication interface: RS485 

Heating power: 1600 w 

Screen: 10inch touch screen

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