Ways to maintain pH meter in daily use

PH meter refers to an instrument used to measure the pH value of a solution, and is widely used in various industries, such as industry, electricity, agriculture, medicine, food, scientific research and environmental protection.

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As a precision instrument, the pH meter can greatly reduce the pH indication error and improve the accuracy of chemical experiments and medical test data if its electrode is properly maintained and operated, with standard buffers as required.

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Ways to maintain PH meter in daily use:

1. Immersion in distilled water: Before the initial use, the glass electrode should be immersed in distilled water for more than one day and night.

2. Keep dry and clean: The PH meter must be kept clean and dry to prevent the dust and moisture, and do not use it in a high humidity environment.

3. No contact with hard objects: The glass electrode bulb film is very thin, and the contact with hard objects will cause damage or scratches, resulting in electrode failure.

4. Standard buffer: use standard buffer with greater stability and less temperature dependence.

5. Regular cleaning: Clean the electrode once a month. After cleaning, do not wipe it with filter paper but dry it to avoid damage to the glass film.

6. Shorten the measurement time: when measuring the solution with high concentration, try to shorten the time as much as possible, and clean it carefully after use to avoid the contamination caused by the liquid being measured sticking to the pH tester electrode.

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