How to use the orbital shaker properly

The orbital shaker has a simple appearance, comprehensive functions and soft oscillation. It is a high-speed orbital shaker suitable for fields such as biology, microbiology and medical analysis.

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Tips for using orbital shaker:

1. There must be reliable ground wire protection to prevent electric shock or fire.

2. Do not pull out the power plug or plug the power cord with wet hands during operation.

3. Use the specified power cord without damage.

4. Do not open the door of orbital shaking incubator frequently, so as not to affect the constant temperature effect.

5. Do not move the instrument when it is working.

6. It should be kept horizontal when placed, avoid direct sunlight, and keep a distance of 10cm from other items.

7. Do not contact with volatile chemicals, such as gasoline, banana water, etc.

8. Regular inspection is required, including screws, fuse boxes and control components.

9. Regularly clean it to ensure clean and tidy inside and outside the incubator.

10. Shake flasks should be placed evenly and symmetrically, and the amount of liquid should not be too small.


Post time: 2022-03-07

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