How to choose a suitable blast drying oven?

There are many types of electric blast drying ovens, and the quality is different, which makes it difficult to select a suitable one. How can we buy a drying oven that we are relatively satisfied with?


Tips for selecting a drying oven:

1. Observation glass window: Pay attention to distinguish between ordinary glass and tempered glass.

2. Outer Casing: The cold-rolled steel plate is divided into thin and thick, and its thickness directly affects the length of use.

3. Liner: The inner tank is usually made of mirror stainless steel or galvanized sheet. Compared with galvanized sheet, mirror stainless steel is more worthy of choice.

4. Insulation: Fiber cotton is the main insulation material of the drying oven, and polyurethane is rarely used. Polyurethane is efficient thermal insulation, and can better protect the operator.


When purchasing a drying oven, we can measure it according to our own needs and standards, and choose a satisfactory electric blast drying oven from many products.

Post time: 2022-03-03

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