How to use medical refrigerators properly

Medical refrigerators are mainly applied to refrigerate, store, and transport reagents, blood, medicines, etc. We should use it correctly and reasonably.


Tips for using medical freezer

1. Regular cleaning: Similar to ordinary household refrigerators, there will be peculiar smells when storing medicines for a long time, so timely and thorough cleaning is very necessary.

2. Avoid contact with hard objects: Do not let  the medical refrigerator touch hard objects in daily life, so as not to cause damage, and to extend its service life.

3. Far away from fire sources: do not get it close to open flames to ensure good thermal insulation effect.

4. Handle with care: Be sure to move gently during the operation.

5. Environmental requirements: Do not place it in direct sunlight or humid places.

6. Regular inspection: Regularly check whether the temperature in the power line and the refrigerator is in a constant range to ensure safe and effective use.


Only in strict accordance with the instructions and careful use, the medical refrigerator and freezer can be used for a longer time.

Post time: 2022-02-28

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