Using skills for electric resistance furnace

Any kind of instrument and equipment can prolong its service time and maintain its good performance as long as we use and operate in strict accordance with the instructions and maintain it carefully.


Tips for using electric resistance furnace

1. Before use, bake at low temperature for several hours and raise the temperature to 900 degrees to prevent the furnace from cracking due to drastic changes in temperature.

2. Do not overload the equipment, and the furnace temperature shall not exceed the temperature range to avoid damage to the electric heating elements.

3. Avoid oxide layer damage caused by shutdown after startup so as not to shorten the service life of heating elements.

4. After heating up, do not open the furnace door for a long time.

5. Ensure that the sample is clean and avoid furnace pollution.

6. When the resistance furnace is running, it must be supervised by staff.

7. Ensure smooth heat dissipation, keep it away from inflammables and be careful about scalding.

8. After use, do not cool down sharply, but naturally.

Post time: 2022-02-14

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