How to use a rapid mixer

The rapid mixer, also known as the vortex mixer, mainly mixes the solution in the container quickly through the smooth contact between the liquid container and the rotating disk, and adjusts the mixing speed by the amount of artificially applied pressure. It is an indispensable tool for biology, genetics, medicine, environmental protection, aquatic products, biochemical laboratories, analysis rooms, education and scientific research.

 Lab Mixer

The operation steps of rapid mixer are as follows:

1. Turn on the external power supply, and turn on the power switch, then the indicator light is on, and the mixing rotating disc is in the rotating working state.

2. When the bottom of the liquid container is in contact with the rotating disc, the solution in the container starts to be mixed, and the mixing speed is adjusted by the size of the contact pressure.

3. After mixing is completed, turn off the power switch and cut off the power.

4. Clean the rotating disc sponge pad to ensure that there are no water droplets, solution and dirt residue on it.


The mixer is mainly an ideal tool for those experiments with larger chemical reaction, less solution and faster solution homogenization speed, and can only be used for test tubes, colorimetric tubes and small and medium-sized Erlenmeyer flasks. 

Post time: 2022-02-11

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