Tips for Maintaining Mini Centrifuge

Microcentrifuges, also known as mini centrifuges, are routine laboratory instruments in many scientific research fields, such as clinical, environmental protection, industry, etc. It is ideal for experiments such as fast spin separation, sample filtration and cell separation.


In the daily use of the microcentrifuge, it must be carefully maintained.

1. The centrifuge must use a separate socket to ensure stable voltage;

2. The centrifuge can be disinfected with conventional disinfectants;

3. Regularly use compressed air (vacuum cleaner) to remove the dust on the radiator at the rear of the centrifuge.

4. If the glass tube breaks during centrifugation, the debris must be removed from the mini centrifuge chamber and housing, otherwise the centrifuge will be damaged. Apply a coat of petroleum jelly to the top of the cavity, and make the rotor run for a few minutes, then  the residue can be easily removed with the petroleum jelly.

5. After use, rotors, hanging baskets, casings, etc. must be dried and placed separately.

6. Use a neutral detergent, such as soapy water, to clean dust and residual samples from the centrifuge, but toxic and radioactive substances must be handled in a special way.

7. After each use of the centrifuge, especially the refrigerated model, the cover must be opened to remove the condensed water and then dry naturally.

Post time: 2022-01-27

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