How to use biological safety cabinet correctly

Biological safety cabinet (BSC) is a kind of isolation barrier equipment designed to prevent aerosols and spills of infectious experimental materials such as primary cultures, bacterial strains and diagnostic specimens from causing harm to operators and exposed laboratory environments. It is a safety equipment widely used in scientific research, teaching, clinical inspection and production in the fields of biomedicine, microbiology, biological products, genetic recombination, animal experiments, etc., and is also the most basic safety protection equipment in the first-level protective barrier in laboratory biosafety.



Standardized and correct use of biological safety cabinets can provide protection for personnel, environment, and test samples. The "safety" of a biological safety cabinet is based on:

1. The central area is the "safest" place for the safety cabinet, and HAPE is its heart;

2. Avoid stacking too many items in the safety cabinet and place them in parallel;

3. Slowly operate it, and do not frequently open and close the safety cabinet;

4. When moving items in the cabinet, try to avoid cross-contamination;

5. Avoid vibration;

6. It is forbidden to use open flames in the cabinet;

7. Replace the UV lamp regularly.

Post time: 2022-01-20

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