Plant chlorophyll meter and leaf morphology

In our impression, green plants represent good growth. The color of the leaves is the most direct reflection of the state of the plant. Typically, plants with green leaves means  good growth, while yellowing leaves indicate problems with plant growth. Plant chlorophyll meter can show the growth status of plants by detecting leaves.


As we all know, the leaves turn yellow and fall in autumn, why? The leaves are green because they contain chlorophyll. Through testing with a plant chlorophyll meter, we find that the leaves not only contain chlorophyll, but also many other pigments, such as red, yellow, orange, etc., but their content is relatively small compared to green pigments. Although these pigments cannot photosynthesize like chlorophyll, some of them are able to transfer captured light energy to chlorophyll. In autumn, the green pigments in the leaves slowly fade away, and the red and yellow pigments will be highlighted, so we see golden or fiery red leaves.


The content of chlorophyll in the leaves is different, and the color of the leaves is different. The plant chlorophyll meter can quickly and accurately detect the content of chlorophyll in leaves, helping growers to apply fertilizers reasonably, thereby increasing profits.

Post time: 2022-01-10

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