Can nitrogen analyzer replace rotary evaporator?

As the name implies, the nitrogen analyzer blows nitrogen to the surface of the heated sample in a fast, continuous and controllable manner, so as to achieve rapid concentration of batch samples. Its advantage is that multiple samples can be processed at once, for example 12 or 24. Therefore, the nitrogen analyzer seems to be more powerful and more efficient than the rotary evaporator. Then, can the nitrogen analyzer completely replace the rotary evaporator?


Due to its design principle, the nitrogen analyzer has its inherent limitations, for example,  it is only suitable for the concentration of low boiling point solvents, and the solvent cannot be recovered, with relatively high cost and not environmentally friendly. Also the solvent concentration efficiency is relatively low.


In contrast, the rotary evaporator is not limited by the above conditions, can achieve faster and more solvent concentration, and the solvent recovery rate can be close to 100%. 5 samples can be concentrated at the same time with multiple pipes, which can completely replace the nitrogen analyzer for the concentration function, which is considered to be the choice for more concentration applications. However, the nitrogen analyzer cannot completely replace the rotary evaporator.

Post time: 2022-01-06

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