How to correctly operate high pressure steam sterilizer

High-pressure steam sterilizers are suitable for medical care companies, scientific research institutions, agricultural units etc.. High-pressure steam sterilizers are usually divided into portable high-pressure sterilizers, vertical high-pressure steam sterilizers, horizontal high-pressure steam sterilizers according to size and style.


Standard operation:

1. Check whether the distilled water in the pot is sufficient.

2. Check whether each valve and switch is working properly.

3. Wrap the items to be sterilized with a layer of kraft paper or two layers of newspaper, and put them in the pot with gaps between the items.

4. Close the lid, tighten the nuts symmetrically, open the exhaust valve, and close the safety valve.

5. Turn on the power, pay attention to whether the steam flows out of the exhaust valve, and confirm that there is no problem, then close the exhaust valve. When the pressure reaches 0.1-0.15kpa (temperature around 121°C), please count for 15-30 minutes and turn off the switch.

6. After the pointer of the pressure gauge returns to zero, open the vent valve, open the cover symmetrically, and take out the items.


Main precautions:

1. The water in the pot must be distilled or purified water.

2. The lid nut must be tightened symmetrically.

3. The exhaust valve can only be closed when a large amount of steam is released.

4. After the sterilization is over, do not open it until the pressure gauge returns to zero.

5. If the sterilization pot exceeds the maximum support pressure, the exhaust valve will automatically open. The items in the pot cannot be thoroughly disinfected and must be disinfected again.

Post time: 2021-12-30

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