Laboratory equipment list

List of laboratory instruments and equipment of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

1. Gas chromatograph: qualitative and quantitative analysis

2. Abbe refractometer: measure the refractive index and average dispersion of transparent and translucent liquids or solids

3. Ammonia analyzer: measure the content of ammonia in the sample

4. Mercury measuring instrument: measuring mercury content in solid and body liquid samples

5. Conductivity meter: measure the conductivity of the electrolyte solution

6. Sulfur dioxide analyzer: automatic monitoring of the concentration of sulfur dioxide in the atmospheric ring mirror

7. Carbon dioxide meter: automatic monitoring of the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmospheric ring mirror

8. Ion exchange water purifier: use ion exchange method to make pure water

9. Powder layer sampler: This sampler is suitable for powder layer sampling in coal mines and other powder layer operations ring mirrors

10. Photoelectric turbidity meter: measure turbidity

11. Light meter: measure light intensity

12. Flame photometer: pathological research for bed monitoring

13. Laser powder layer analyzer: detect powder layer concentration

14. Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer: measuring the degree of absorption of different wavelengths of monochromatic radiation and quantitative analysis

15. Ultraviolet radiation illuminance meter: UV radiation illuminance measurement

16. Automatic range illuminance meter: measure light intensity

17. Automatic polarimeter: measure the optical rotation of the substance, analyze the concentration, purity, and sugar content of the substance

18. Microplate reader: qualitative and quantitative

19. Cold atom fluorescence mercury measuring instrument: special measuring instrument, measuring trace amount

20. Ion meter: measure ion concentration

21. CO analyzer: measuring the carbon monoxide content in the atmospheric ring mirror

22. Dual-channel atomic fluorescence photometer: determination and analysis of mercury, arsenic, selenium, antimony, germanium and tin content in solid and liquid

23. Hand-held sugar meter: measuring the sugar content of the body

24. Biochemical analyzer: Determine the concentration of samples, enzyme reaction rate and enzyme activity and other dozens of biochemical parameters

25. Plate washer: used with microplate reader

26. Micro adjustable pipette: transfer a small amount of liquid

27. Microscope: Observe tiny substances

28. Fluorescence spectrophotometer: analyze and test all kinds of microorganisms, amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids and various monitoring drugs

29. Medical purification workbench: provide dust-free, sterile, high-clean working cycloscope

30. Portable infrared analyzer: measure CO2 concentration in public places

31. Electronic breeze meter: suitable for the sampling of the ventilation and air-conditioning of factories and enterprises, mirror pollution observation, dynamic pressure balance, automatic tracking of isokinetic smoke and dust samplers

32. Radioactive pollution meter: test whether the radioactive pollution exceeds the standard

33. Thermistor (bolometer): used for radiation detection

34. Ultraviolet power meter: test and detect the power of ultraviolet light

35. Hot bulb electric anemometer: It is a basic instrument for measuring low wind speed when measuring the airflow speed of indoor and outdoor or model.

36. Hemoglobin meter: detecting hemoglobin

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