The role of different types of ultrasonic cleaning machines

Small ultrasonic cleaners are used in optics, glasses, watch parts, miniature bearings, electric vacuum devices, semiconductor devices, missile guidance systems, etc. that require high cleaning quality.

The cleaning working time of the multi-slot ultrasonic cleaner can be set and adjusted. According to the editor of the ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment, according to the specific cleaning work, the stainless steel holding basket is configured to achieve a better cleaning effect.

Small parts ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning small parts in various industries, especially the cleaning of small magnetic blocks in the magnetic industry.

Bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine can customize various special ultrasonic cleaning equipment and production lines, plug-in lines, and assembly lines according to the special requirements of users

The crawler ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for mechanical parts. The editor of ultrasonic cleaning equipment refers to the continuous large-scale cleaning operation of medical devices and magnetic materials, such as dust and oil, and decontamination.

The chain type ultrasonic cleaning and drying machine adopts a special stainless steel chain to drive the workpiece to be cleaned. The cleaning effect is achieved by ultrasonic cleaning and spray rinsing.

The ultrasonic vapor phase cleaning machine is assembled with domestic vitality parts, and its performance is stable. Imported compressors are used for refrigeration to effectively prevent solvent volatilization.

Post time: 2021-04-06

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