Classification Standard for Tablet Hardness Tester

Classification Standard for Tablet Hardness Tester


     Medicine is a special kind of commodity, and the quality of medicine directly endangers the life and health of patients, so the quality inspection of medicine is a reliable guarantee of medicine quality. The tablet is one of the commonly used dosage forms in medicine. In the 2010 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, tablets account for more than 40% of all preparations. The relevant national departments have fully clarified the regulations that tablets should meet during production and storage in the pharmacopoeia, and established inspection methods for tablet weight differences, disintegration time limits, dissolution or release, and content uniformity, which plays a great role in ensuring the quality of tablets.

      The tablet hardness tester is a testing instrument used to measure the hardness of solid tablets. It is suitable for the hardness test of tablet drugs in major or medium pharmaceutical factories, medical schools, drug inspection departments, drug research organizations and other units. The measurement data provides a reliable basis for the control of the hardness and coating of the drug tablet, packaging and transportation, and also a strong basis for the disintegration, release (dissolution) and other related experiments of the tablet.

    There are many types of tablet hardness testers, and the application range of different series of tablet hardness testers will also be slightly different. According to the degree of automation, technical parameters, etc., there are many types. The main classification standard are as follows:

1. Hardness test range.

2. Hardness measurement accuracy.

3. Diameter test range.

4. Pressurization method.

5. Display and print the calibration results.

6. Fault self-diagnosis function.

7. Memory storage function.

8. Manual single tablet/automatic continuous.

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