Normative Use of Medical Refrigerator

Normative Use of Medical Refrigerator


With the development of modern medical technology and the improvement of medical technology, many special preparations and new drugs need to be refrigerated or stored at low temperatures. In this context, the medical refrigerator came into being. The medical refrigerator is an essential item in every ward, which is mainly used to store various medicines. But how to use the medical refrigerator correctly and what should be paid attention to in use?


In the use and management of medical refrigerators, the following situations will inevitably occur:

1. There is no special person to manage the medical refrigerator on time, and no regular cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of the medical refrigerator, which leads to the occurrence of dirt and frost inside the medical refrigerator;

2. Medical refrigerators generally have a temperature control function, but just because of this function, many hospital departments have not equipped with special thermometers, and have not established a temperature detection record sheet for medical refrigerators, so there is no shift record afterwards;

3. There are various medicines in the medical refrigerator, but they are not classified, and their signs are not very clear. As a result, it takes too long to fetch the medicine each time;

4. When the temperature of the medical refrigerator exceeds 2~8°C, the nurse on duty fails to find out and deal with it in time, which causes the quality of the medicines stored in the medical refrigerator to be unable to be guaranteed.


In fact, in the process of using medical refrigerators, it is necessary to clean and check regularly, so how should we clean and manage the medical refrigerators that store medicines?

1. The main function of the medical refrigerator is to store medicines, reagents, vaccines, etc. At a low temperature. Personal belongings or other non-medicinal items are not allowed to be put in;

2. A thermometer or an electronic thermometer for a medical refrigerator should be placed inside the medical refrigerator. The temperature in the medical refrigerator should be controlled at 2~10℃. If there are special requirements for medicines, it can be operated according to the instructions. The medicines placed in the medical refrigerator should avoid contact with the inner wall of the medical refrigerator;

3. The medicines stored in the medical refrigerator should be distinguished and have eye-catching signs. If the medicines are put back into the medical refrigerator after use, the date, time, usage, etc. of their use should be indicated, and the corresponding registration form should be provided for related information;

4. Medical refrigerators should have specialized personnel to carry out maintenance and management, etc., to clean it every day, to wipe and disinfect it weekly, and to defrost it every month and make a record. One thing to mention here is that the frosting thickness of the medical refrigerator can not exceed 1cm;

5. Besides specialized management personnel, head nurses also need to check the medical refrigerator regularly or from time to time to ensure the normal operation of the medical refrigerator and the quality of the medicines stored inside the medical refrigerator.


Post time: 2021-03-18

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