Common Classification of COD Analyzer

The COD value represents the amount of oxygen consumed by chemical methods to oxidize all organic substances in the water, which is a very important indicator in water quality analysis. It is considered to be an important basis for planning and controlling sewage treatment effects and calculating sewage treatment costs. COD analyzers can be used to measure in the laboratory or online, and different measurement methods require different response time and consumption of reagents.


COD analyzers are usually divided into the following categories:

I. COD fast analyzer:

Basic composition: reactor, cooling tank rack, cuvette rack, special solid reagent, semi-automatic liquid adder, special reaction tubes, printing paper.

II. COD ammonia nitrogen analyzer:

The COD ammonia nitrogen analyzer can be used to determine the concentration of two parameters of COD and ammonia nitrogen in water samples.

 III. COD digester:

The chemical solution preparation, operation, and COD calculation of the COD digester are fully complied with. COD water samples lower than 50mg/L can be diluted with titrant and oxidant concentration to improve accuracy.COD water samples higher than 1000mg/L can be measured by diluting the water sample proportions.


COD analyzers are widely used. The main fields include environmental protection industry: key pollution source waste water discharge monitoring; water conservancy industry: early warning and monitoring of water quality of surface water, rivers and lakes; municipal industry: sewage treatment plant inlet and outlet water quality monitoring; scientific research and education: water treatment technology research and development or the monitoring of water body organic matter load in water quality research.

Post time: 2021-03-05

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