Main Structure of Mildew Incubator

The mildew incubator is one of various types incubators, and the corresponding temperature and humidity can be set in a closed space. It can be used for plant cultivation, breeding experiment, cultivation and preservation of bacteria, mildews and microorganisms, and BOD determination for water analysis.


The mildew incubator can provide a stable temperature environment, a wide temperature range, and both cooling and heating functions. It can meet the requirements of the experiments and tests on the cultivation and maintenance of cells and microorganisms as well as plant cultivation. The main structure of the mildew incubator is divided into three parts. The top is the control system, the middle is the working chamber, and the lower is the place for compressor.


I. Control system

The top is the electrical control, just like the human brain, which has a commanding role, plays a leading role in the entire incubator, and is at the core. It is characterized by parameter memory that can be protected due to power failure or crash state data loss, and recovery function after the electricity returns to normal.


II. Working chamber

The inner tank of the working chamber is made of stainless steel with good quality, which is superior to that of galvanized steel. The size of the working chamber can be customized. The outside of the working chamber is equipped with heat-insulating vacuum tempered glass, which is convenient for observing the experiment situation in the incubator. The working chamber of the biochemical incubator is equipped with lighting lamps, while the working chamber of the mildew incubator is equipped with ultraviolet lamps.


III. Compressor

The mildew incubator has a refrigeration function, and the function is mainly completed by a compressor.

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