High-pressure Steam Sterilizer

The high-pressure steam sterilizer is an instrument that uses saturated pressure steam to quickly and reliably disinfect and sterilize items, which is suitable for medical and health, scientific research, agriculture and other units. High-pressure steam sterilizers are divided into portable high-pressure steam sterilizers, vertical high-pressure steam sterilizers, horizontal high-pressure steam sterilizers, etc. according to their style and size. It can sterilize medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution culture medium, etc.

The high-pressure steam sterilizer is composed of a sterilization chamber, a control system, a protection device (water level protection, temperature control protection, etc.), a heating system, etc. The use of high-temperature saturated steam can denature the protein of microorganisms and cause the death of microorganisms within a certain period of time, and thus achieve the purpose of sterilizing moisture-resistant and heat-resistant articles.


Common failures and solutions of high-pressure steam sterilizer:



I. Circuit:

1. The heating system does not work

① Check whether the heating system power supply is normal. Usually there will be a wiring failure of the main control machine, just reconnect it well.

②Pay attention to whether the protection is triggered so that there is no heating, or the temperature control instrument is invalid.

③If the fuse wire is damaged or the water level sensor fails, the protection will be triggered so that there is no heating. Also the heating rod itself may be damaged. If the pressure cooker is heating normally and the temperature is not displayed, the temperature sensor may be damaged.


II. Steam pipeline:

1. Unqualified sterilization effect

①Do remember to clean up the steam filter and the inter-layer water should be removed in time.

② If the safety valve and exhaust valve leak, replace them in time.

2. Air leakage

Common air leakage is mainly caused by the aging of the lid sealing ring and the lid is not tightly closed in place.


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