Why The Electronic Balance Cannot Start

Reason 1:


1. If the calibration data is lost, please recalibrate the balance;

2. It may be affected by instantaneous interference;


Reason 2:

 1. The environment where the balance is placed is too poor to improve the environment;

 2. The body temperature of the hand left in the weighing room should be minimized to minimize this human factor

 3. The temperature of the weighed object is not isothermal with the balance. Place the sample next to the balance and isothermal.

 4. The sample has properties such as water absorption, water release, static electricity, magnetism...etc.


Reason 3:

 The water absorption and release of the desiccant form airflows in different directions, causing the change of air buoyancy, resulting in unstable weighing. The desiccant in the weighing room should be removed to maintain a stable weighing environment;


Reason 4:

 1. No weighing pan: After power off, install the correct weighing pan before turning on the balance;

 2. Wrong weighing: use the correct weighing that conforms to the balance

 3. The weighing pan and the wind-proof ring collide: due to improper installation, please find out the cause of the collision and reinstall it correctly.



Reason 5:

1. There is no 220V current connected to the AC power socket on the power socket of the balance;

 2. If the AC adapter goes wrong, choose a 220V~ AC adapter (external transformer) suitable for our country's work;

 3. If the AC adapter is broken, replace it with a new one;


Reason 6: use the electronic balance of the internal school; use the electronic balance of the external school

 1. The balance is placed in a poor environment and the windproof windows are not closed. Improve the placement environment of the balance and close all windproof windows

 2. Calibration features: After the electronic balance is warmed up for 1 hour, do automatic calibration once; the second time is after the balance is turned on for 2 hours; then the balance will remain energized for 150 hours, and the automatic calibration on time will be triggered manually if necessary. Calibration (internal calibration). The electronic balance is automatically calibrated after it is turned on. If necessary, it can also be manually triggered at any time (internal calibration). Some electronic balances can only be used for external schools.

 3. Calibration error: AB/PB/GB/SB used the wrong external weight for external calibration. When entering the external calibration program, the balance will show a flashing weight value, and use this value for external calibration.

 4. "CALL" appears on the upper right of the electronic balance display: When "CALL" appears on the display, the display makes the balance work inaccurate now, and internal calibration is required. "CALL" will disappear automatically after the electronic balance finishes the internal calibration.

Post time: 2021-01-18

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