The key to maintaining the test machine

The use of all machinery and equipment must follow its own working principle, and regular maintenance must be carried out according to the actual usage to ensure the normal use of machinery and equipment. Only by following the above two points can the service life of the machine be extended.

 1. The testing machine must be moderate during use. Do not leave the machine in a long-term overload and over-speed working condition. This kind of wrong operation will cause fatal damage to the machine and will easily make the test results inaccurate.

 2. The working environment of the testing machine should be spacious and clean, and as far as possible, do not place high-hardness and large-scale equipment next to the equipment to avoid accidentally hitting the testing machine.

 3. Do not use excessive force when moving the fixture of the testing machine. In addition, try to avoid friction between the fixture and the machine surface. Before using the testing machine, be sure to check whether the clamp screws are tight.

 4. In the selection of fixtures, you must choose those that meet the specifications of the testing machine, and do not substitute other devices, which will affect the results of the test.

 5. When connecting the test machine and the computer, you must strictly follow the requirements in the manual. If you still can't operate, let an experienced operator connect to avoid errors.

 6. The results of the testing machine can be integrated and printed out by the computer. Before printing, check whether the printer is available.

7. After using the testing machine, remove the tested objects and fixtures to avoid affecting the next use.

 8. When turning off the testing machine, be sure to turn off the machine before turning off the power. Do not turn off the power directly, which will reduce the service life of the machine.

Post time: 2020-12-28

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