Maintenance of atomic absorption spectrometer

Daily maintenance and maintenance of atomic absorption spectrometer:
1. Do not draw the lens of the outer optical path by hand.
2. Always keep the fog room clean and smooth drainage.
3. The test solution should be filtered or thoroughly clarified to prevent clogging of the atomizer.
4. The fluorescence of the instrument that is not used for a long time should be kept dry, and it should be powered on regularly in wet season.
5. Keep the hollow cathode lamp window clean. If it is accidentally contaminated, wipe it with alcohol cotton.
6. The accumulation of salt in the burner slot will cause the flame to split and affect the measurement result. If necessary, it can be washed with water.
7. An air-water separator should be installed on the air supply pipeline of the air compressor, and the condensed water accumulated in the air-water separator should be discharged frequently.
8. The gratings and mirrors in the monochromator are mostly devices with a coating on the surface, which are prone to mildew when exposed to moisture, so the monochromator should be kept sealed and dry.
9. Regularly check whether the gas supply pipeline is leaking. During the inspection, apply some soapy water to the suspicious area to see if there are bubbles. Never use an open flame to check for air leaks.
10. Long-term use of atomic absorption spectrometers will cause circuit failure due to the advantages of excessive internal dust; if necessary, they can be blown off with an ear ball or brushed.
Post time: 2020-12-07

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